Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Quietus

The Search For The Perfect Pub: An Extract From A Thirsty Tome
Luke Turner , November 25th, 2011 08:07

I'll buy it and read it. But without that I wish these guys knew more about the worn out machinery and corporate skulduggery that lies behind pubs, how big business has homogenised the pub landscape while shutting thousands of these emblems of essential Britishness forever; 'suitable for alternative use, subject to planning'.

A national scandal has been taking place right under our noses; the scamming pubco's, asset stripping Britain's cultural tradition, mining our society's very heritage for the short term gain of a bunch of wine quaffing suited private equity wankers whose interests lie more in their own yachts and their second homes in Tuscany than in nurturing or sustaining the character and uniqueness that is the raw material of the British pub...

The people responsible for removing perfect pubs from our historical timeline, creating a deep scar in Britain's heritage, should be Hanged Drawn and Quartered and their bank accounts re-distributed towards refurbishing the national pub estate they stole their wealth from.

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