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I'm really sorry to hear this, Mark. I used to work for you, a long time ago, and although I didn't drink there any more I remember what a special place it was.

I noticed the pub had closed but assumed it was by choice. I am very sad, and angry. Hope you and your family and Nicola and everyone working there are ok.

Thanks Innit. Maybe we should meet up sometime for a catch-up.

The pub industry is dominated by mediocrity at every level save that of the occasional independent minded pub that's run by people whose outlook is to provide something to other people they don't get as customers themselves and so infuse everything they do with their own character and outlook. That sort of thing is what makes some pubs really special...the problem with the majority of pubs is they are owned by pubco's - some of the comments above touch on the complexities of the set up - and pubco's want a lot of money for doing nothing. Someone above asked something like 'who puts their money into this kind of thing' WELL it's the lessees who put the money in. New lessees take on a pub and invest their own money - and everything else like life and soul - into the property to make it their own, so to speak (oh how wrong they are!), this injection of cash and commitment makes the business busy and everyone seems happy, the tenants are working their butt off to keep it vibrant and busy, too busy to realise they're not making enough money to ever repay the £150K investment they put in, let alone provide a decent standard of living - they are thinking: 'besides none of that matters, we're so busy working all the time we don't need money, really, and we're bound to get a chance to work it out down the line', and the pubco's employee in charge of site no 114233 is thinking: 'hmmmm next rent review coming, big increase for pubco, big bonus for me and those fuckers will have to sweat to make my pay packet what I want it to be'.

The rent review comes the tenants get shafted, whatever profits they were making are converted into rent payments, the pubco gets richer the pub gets poorer, the pub needs redecoration; it doesn't get it because there's not enough money around, the owners/publicans/lessees/tenants begin to flag because they can't keep up the furious work rate they set themselves when they started out, business begins to tail off as newer places take away the odd customer here and there, the staff have to work harder to keep people coming in, the people keep drifting away as the pub becomes ever slightly less attractive and slightly more scuffed around the edges, they have to cut back on staff because there's not enough income coming in - and so service becomes patchier than it should be and more customers get a poor experience and stop coming so often - ans so it goes on, a spiral of decline, standards eroding, customers leaving, owners becoming demoralised, rent going up, beer prices going up. And so on until the business fades away and eventually fails.

That's about the sum of it really. The pub fails and another lessee comes along thinking they can do it better. I lasted sixteen years of this pernicious reality at The Sun and Doves. Most new tied lessees are out of their pub within three years now... That's why the pubco's are doing deals with chains - they're more likely to pay the rent for longer. It's called Covenant. It's ALL ABOUT MONEY and NOTHING ELSE.

Vergreedy Verstupid Vapid pubco's but it all works on that law of averages. The cash injection by other people into their estate, the work put into their estate - by other people - all done with no workforce to employ and no legal responsibility for the properties - everything is done by thousands of lessees.

Here are some lies published on Scottish & Newcastle Pub Company's website:


If you have ever wanted to run your own pub, Scottish & Newcastle Pub Company could be your perfect pub partner.

For over 200 years we have been creating great British pubs and we never forget a great pub starts with a great operator.

With S&NPC you run your pub your way but you also have the backing of one of the world’s largest brewing operations who can supply the brands, the training and everything else you need to achieve your ambitions in the pub industry.

Whether your ideal pub is cosy country inn, lively community local or chic city centre bar our extensive estate offers a huge variety of pubs in attractive locations across the UK.

Just take a look at our interactive map to see our current list of available pubs and if you want to make your pub dream a reality email us or call FREEPHONE 0500 94 95 96 - we’re waiting to hear from you!"

Our mission is to offer pub customers the very best pub experience in their area. If you share this vision you can start your application today.

S&N’s leased pub operation was renamed Scottish & Newcastle Pub Company (S&NPC) (following being bought by Heineken) and whilst our name may have changed our commitment to restoring British pubs to their rightful place at the heart of their communities remains the same.

We pride ourselves on offering British pub goers the best possible pub experience and we achieve this through a continuous programme of investment in both our pubs and the people who run them.

We pride ourselves on offering British pub goers the best possible pub experience and we achieve this through a continuous programme of investment in both our pubs and the people who run them.

Behind every successful pub is a successful operator but not all our lessees have years of experience behind the bar. We welcome applications regardless of previous experience or qualifications; all you need is the drive and commitment to succeed.

The modern pub has to adapt to meet changing customer expectations and Bar Boosters, S&NPC’s exclusive range of ‘set up and go’ alternative income opportunities, is designed to do just that.

Whatever your working background, we will offer you all the training and support you need to run a successful pub. This begins with our four day Innside Knowledge training course and includes our Innside Track Business Support program designed to make stocktaking and accountancy accessible to everyone.


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