Wednesday, October 05, 2011

RE: BBPA attacks report on pubco and tenant relationships

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WOW! The Publican's Morning Advertiser is getting right in there with targeted ads.

As said in the post that has been removed.

Brigid accepts the criticism then denies it.

That's about as far as she can go. The fact is the pubco's - who are her very well funded organisation's paymasters - totally ignored all previous TISC BESC and BISC and, in recognition of that the inquiry Peter Luff presided over made it unambiguously clear: the pub industry would be given 18 months to get its house in order and if it did not, severe action would be taken to force the pubco's to come to heel.

That being the case, the pubco's - true to form as always - completely ignored the politicians AGAIN and spent the time fiddling around with meaningless changes to already meaningless, empty codes of practice.

Of course the committee had made up its mind before Brigid and her paymasters appeared, sheepish and stammering, in the committee room before them - the evidence had been gathered already, collated, analysed and digested and what it said is 'THE PUBPO'S HAVE DONE NOTHING YET AGAIN'.

Bend over and take a spanking.

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