Monday, October 03, 2011

From Urban 75...

Grand Union has been created to build up and sell off at a great profit before the chickens come home to roost. It's a common business model - been done many times; invent a brand, stuff it with its own unique feel, style, ambience, products and pzazz then expand rapidly to ten - twenty or more units and sell off to the highest bidder - typically one of the big pubcos - or brewers with pubco trading arms - wanting to extend their market dominance into areas where they're under represented. Makes the principals of the small chain into millionaires in a matter of years while they and the bloated pubco/brewers gloat about 'fabulous shareholder value and it's win win for everyone' (except the staff and the punters of course). In a matter of months, sliding into a couple or three years, the chain's product offering and individuality is absorbed into the monolith, becomes devoid of any of the vacuous character or apparent 'independence' it ever had to begin with and is completely forgotten about.

That's the wonder of unfettered capitalism.


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