Sunday, October 02, 2011

from: Mark Dodds. No Fixed Abode

Representatives of Scottish & Newcastle Pub Company

Re: Mark Dodds / The Sun and Doves Public House,

Camberwell, London SE5. Outlet 116144

Since 23 September representatives of your company have been attempting to deceive the police by making false allegations regarding the circumstances of my leaving the above premises.

Their repeated false statements include telling the police that I committed criminal damage and stole property belonging to your company as I left the building while complying with the terms of your company's eviction notice. This is a serious misrepresentation of facts and must immediately cease being repeated.

Further to this your company's actions are a serious misuse of public resources. There very clearly are no legitimate grounds for your company's employees to be vexatiously wasting police time. You must immediately inform your staff to cease and desist from making such falsehoods, clearly aimed at causing vicarious intimidation by attempting to force third parties into harassing me, in the place of your company taking civil action to attempt to recover by deceit goods which it does not own.

To be clear: If your company continues to make false allegations and insinuations to the police regarding my supposedly criminal activity I will apply for an injunction against S&NPC. Furthermore I will publish this correspondence as widely as possible and make a point of informing all pub industry stakeholders, politicians and the press, both trade and national, about your company's blatantly dishonest actions.

If your company considers there to be grounds to make a civil case against me I will be pleased to correspond directly with a member of staff via this email address. I am happy to answer any queries they may have about ownership of any property I have been accused of stealing. In this regard I refer your staff to the inventories and lease agreements proving ownership that I have given them, at their request, in meetings over the past three years.

If you need to correspond about my leaving the pub in general (You may like the next lessees to have an insight into the pub's long past - I know a lot about its history and provenance and will be pleased to meet to pass this on) – in accordance with your company's explicit wishes as described in the eviction order – you may do so via email to this address as I now am of no fixed abode, having been evicted.

Sincerely, I look forward to your confirmation of positive action in response to this note by return

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