Friday, October 21, 2011

Findlay: ‘Stop sucking pubs dry’


Is this a BANK talking? One could be forgiven for thinking the company that employs Ralph Findlay is actually a BANK needing to be bailed out. BUT NO, it's just another tired old pub company.

Hmmm... the government should 'stop sucking pubs dry'? What is this 'sucking pubs dry' mullarkey Ralph is on about? He should know - he presides over the decisions which lead to Marston's, like all other pub companies who operate tied leases, posting healthy profits while its tenanted estate slides into embarrassing dilapidation and its tied lessees falling into financial penury with many completely viable pubs shut up waiting for new suckers to come in and waste their life savings and lives shoring up the pubco.

What profits are Marston's posting at the moment? Are they failing?

These sort of comments from a senior employee of a pubco asking for government handouts would be unbelievable if it were not for the consistency of the attitude of entitlement that goes along with the 'business model' that has been killing pubs for decades.

'We're making great profits but our pubs are under financial pressure from errrr - the government'.

Huh? It just doesn't stack up Ralph.

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