Monday, October 24, 2011

Camberwell Online October 24th, 23/10/2011 at 3:17 pm

Did most of the Oxjam takeover rounds of Camberwell last night. Missed lots of acts just because there was so much on. Was great to see everywhere busy. It really demonstrates what Camberwell COULD be like already if it were not for usurous pub companies sucking the profits from their pubs thus reducing their tenants’ ability to reinvest in the area and IF the local authorities had anything joined up locally.

Why weren’t Hermits and errrr, Stormbird not part of it?

Noticed that NEVER GIVE UP has been given the heave by Stormbird. I wonder why.

See this thread around a viewpoint of St Paul’s cathedral from the Tate Modern end of Millennium Bridge, it’s fascinating and some of it is visually stunning:

Camberwell Online October 24th, 2011 at 5:06 pm

Speaking of St Paul’s Cathedral, I was in the vicinity today for my bankruptcy hearing in the Rolls Building — it was civilised and calm although the lighting in that newly appointed space is absolutely dreadful. Working there will be an awful strain on anyone’s eye.

So, hearing done, and given that my financial ruin has been brought about by corporate greed, thought it worth taking a walk up to St Paul’s to see whether the ‘Health & Safety’ issues preventing public access to Christopher Wren’s glory, thus losing the church £16K in missed revenue, are plausible. They are not.

It’s quite clear that the church has been compromised and has closed in order to put pressure on protesters to leave. The whole atmosphere of the place is calm, peaceful and composed. And the people protesting are polite and willing to bend over backwards to comply with requests to change anything they are doing which, inadvertently, may cause a threat to public safety or to the church.

Bumped into that NICE YOUNG MAN who used to be the manager at Funky Munky. The one with slightly red, wavy long hair. He’s older now. As am I.

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