Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Well, well, well. It all happens here. I posted above somewhere that the Busines Innovation and Skills Committee would publish their latest findings on pubco practices toward tied pub tenants last Wednesday, I think it was. IN the event they pushed the date back to today and I can report, with some satisfaction, that it has finally gone OUR way.

See the report on the report on the Morning Advertiser online:

The Fair Pint Campaign kick started this off when we launched at Parliament in May 2008. We asked for government to look at the endemic widespread abuse of the beer tie by pub companies and to consider regulation of the sector. When we launched Fair Pint members (there was seven of us, three from Camberwell, me, Nicky Francey my business partner, and Steve Corbett from the George Canning) were described by the pubcos as ‘a bunch of shouty lessees who unfortunately don’t know how to run their businesses or understand the pub sector, spend too much time blogging instead of running their pubs and blame everyone else for their own business failure’.

In 2008, at pub industry ‘stakeholder’ meetings, when you mentioned the beer tie as one of the constituent reasons for pubs closing down you were, literally, called to order and told that if you continued down that route you would be told to leave the meeting.

See where we are now. I rest my case.

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