Friday, September 30, 2011

Got a call from BLOCKED at 11.58 - C.I.D. calling to say that S&N are insisting that they want to press criminal charges against me for theft of their goods at the Sun and Doves.

This is the second call, the last was on Saturday 24 September the day after they moved the bailiffs in. That call was about fixed seating, bar fonts and the main cellar cooler - all things that I paid for and have receipts for and installed myself and then sold to a lease hire company and rented back - so I could release cash to keep the business going. These are all things that S&N have had the lease agreements for - and which we've had conversations about. They KNOW these are not their property but are simply lying about to cause disruption.

Today's conversation extended to 'radiators and hot water cylinder' - things that were in the building when I signed the lease 16 years ago and I'm supposed to 'put and keep' as the lessee with a fully repairing insuring lease.


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