Sunday, September 25, 2011

By the way everyone - We left the Sun and Doves at about 4.30am on Friday morning, 23 September 2011, five hours before the bailiffs were due to lock us out. We left the pub EMPTY - no bar, seats, tables, lights, no stainless steel splashbacks, we took the trellis around the front garden and the gave the rosemary plants to customers. We dug the mature bay trees and other plants out of the back garden and sold the water butts to a cafe. The kitchen, the accommodation, the office, as much as humanly possible that did not belong to S&NPE/RBS we removed carefully and sold off or gave away.

Slept most of the last two days - was completely exhausted after all that working with the best and most friendly and caring people - our customers who came to help us carefully dismantle and remove The Sun and Doves from the building. And can I tell you this? I'm broke, I have no security (apart from friends of course) I have no home, I won't be able to see my kids as much as I did, friends are putting me up until I find somewhere settled and I've signed on whatever... everything's up in the air, not sure what's going to happen and YOU KNOW WHAT? It's a LOT, lot better than what it felt like every day for the last sixteen years. In fact tomorrow it IS sixteen years since I signed the lease in 1995. It'll be SWEET SIXTEEN PROPER!

The police called me yesterday and asked me, very politely, about what had happened because S&NPC want to press charges for Criminal Damage and theft. They said the fixed seating, the bar pumps and the primary cellar cooling equipment belonged to them, that I'd stolen it and could they have a crime reference number. I explained: All this is equipment that I bought and installed myself during a refurbishment I did in 2006 which then was then sold to a lease hire company. I recounted the FACT that S&NPC has a detailed list of all the inventory, including this equipment, which proves that Title (ownership) belongs to someone else NOT them. S&NPC told the policeman that the cellar cooler alone was worth £10,000. Now then - this is the same equipment they always refused to service, which I ultimately replaced with new, it cost about £5K in all, which they always told me is tenant's F&F. It's not complicated folks: these pubcos are bullying lying cheating thieving Feudal bastards. They MUST go to the wall and end the blight they have brought upon the pub industry and the tradition and heritage of the British Isles.

It's all good at the moment, no stress. Except the bankruptcy hearing but I'm sure that will not kill me so? Whathehell?

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