Thursday, September 29, 2011

Brigid, self evidently, does NOT accept the criticism. It's Brigid's job to deny reality which is: her paymasters take no notice of 'select committees or MP's.

In fact, it's on record that some of Brigid's paymasters think the people who sit on select committees are 'morons'... NO, Pubco's have no interest in taking notice at recommendations made by morons.

Brigid's job therefore, although it may not be in her job description, is to stare out the morons until she's blue in the face denying there's anything wrong with the tied pub industry.

Like everyone who's touched any part of the tied pub sector, Brigid's integrity is tainted simply because her job is riddled with duplicity... Every last one of them, the people who in any way represent even vaguely the interests of the tied pubco's, is compromised.

Pure and simple: the tie puts pubs and people out of business. It's not rocket science: The rent is too high and the beer is double the price it should be. Ergo pubs and people go down the pan.

Brigid concedes that the industry 'could have moved faster' four or five years ago. Well the pubco's didn't move faster four or five years ago. And here we are.

Pubcos have always got away with it. They've always got off the hook. They are Feudal, lying, cheating, thieving, deceiving bullies who misrepresent every last thing they do from their contracts to their support to their nonsensical CSR and Environmental Policy Statements. It's ALL hot air and smoke and mirrors.

The emperor got off his horse, bare ass naked, and left the street a long time ago but the sycophantic audience that depends on his munificence is still clapping.

And EVERYONE in the tied pub industry knows this. But they are still taking the pubco shilling and don't know where else to go.

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