Monday, August 15, 2011

Lessee lands rent cut via arbitration

Enterprise, like all mechanistically minded pubcos, will never agree they are at fault in any part of any situation - unless they are found to be at fault by a court when they will assert that there was some technical, historical reason, for being found wanting that they have already taken into account which no longer applies and, actually, they are heroes for having spotted it BEFORE the long arm of the law did.

SO, when they LOSE in arbitration (an occurrence about as common as finding hair on hen's teeth) they will always come out with some inane petulant rebuttal like: "It would have been cheaper for the tenant to do PIRRS" - implying in some way that the tenant was stupid for not doing it the Enterprise Way - which, as we all know most likely, would have left the tenant with their trousers down.

That's what happens when you've had it all your own way for far too long - you believe, in fact you KNOW, black is white and beer WILL flow up hill for you. And when these foolish fanciful fandangos are proved otherwise, it wasn't your fault.

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