Monday, August 08, 2011


Bruce Dodds
What is going on in your City. Mate,??? It sounds like it's out of control from the news reports we are hearing. :(

I'm glad you mentioned this Bruce, it's a good question. I like this question and I think it needs to be answered as openly and transparently as possible. To say the situation appears to be out of control I suggest is possibly taking it further than it really needs to be taken and unfortunately I can't offer any incisive viewpoint at this stage because I am not in a position to do that as I am in Northumberland with my folks as these events are unfurling right now and it would seem premature to say anything decisive without referring to my colleagues who would normally be dealing with this shit as it happens - as I'm never around anyway. And the fact is you probably know a lot more about it than I do since I don't watch tv. I have, of course, spoken to my friends and colleagues who are directly affected by the civil unrest and they tell me it's all about kids who want plasma tv's and multi functional remote controls so they can watch the world from their beds without moving. They want these things without working for them because they have no hope, they are bored, they have no jobs, they have no future, and they can see no way to become like PDiddy or Simon Cowell without just stealin' in their 'Hood.

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