Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mulholland and Tuppen clash over RICS

Well it wouldn't do to have Tuppen agreeing with any one would it? The truth is that this is all a scam. This is the TIED PUB INDUSTRY we're talking about here. Where beer flows up hill and day follows day and Brulines' data is fit for trade related purpose. The sole purpose of RICS being involved anywhere to do with tied pub valuations is to give a veneer of respectability and authority to the Official Mumbo Jumbo Process of setting rental values on tied pubs: "the tied tenant will be worse off than anyone else in Britain".

RICS guidance is routinely ignored and is completely irrelevant until being used to verify the official, age old tried and tested 'finger in the air' method of valuation.

Pubcos invent all their FMT figures, use only scandalously high rent reviews elsewhere as their comparables and they simply force their P&L projections to fit the rent scenario they want to get out of any premises.

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