Friday, June 24, 2011

Perhaps to consult or be involved if you think it has legs. It's ambitious but the only thing to prevent it happening is that may not be possible to bring a strong enough network of creative people with the right kind of vision and skills that are essential to making it work.

The models for the meechanics for controlling rapidly exanding pub estates exist, the supply chains, the infrastructure, the economy of scale are all out there working already, what's needed is a change of ethos and governance, focused on making a very efficient and profitable pub business by concentrating on being the best in the market at whatever types of pubs are being operated.

Thanks Dave

I wonder whether you might be interested to have a discussion about this? I'd appreciate your view. It's going to take a lot to make it work but it's definitely achievable if the right people are driving it. It will be a radically different beast from the pubcos we know and love to hate. And will be more profitable and will be sustainable. And create a pradigm shift in the pub industry.

What do you say?



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