Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mulholland seeks free-of-tie name change

It's interesting how the line up for evidence to BISC has not one pubco employee in it. Rob May was there but pulled out, cancelled, withdrew, was omitted at the last minute, bowed out because of other commitments, whatever, he's not there now leaving only people on the outside to feed into the process.

Brigid BBPA and Neil BII will be there next week but they are just the shell on the outside and not the pubcos' soft underbelly.

Where are Tuppen, Townsend; Whiteside; Darby; Findlay; Neame; Anand and Et Al in this round of investigation into the tied beer model?

Could it be they are concerned that their unsupportable position has finally come home to roost? The MPs have got up to speed enough with all the nuances that they are able to ask questions that can't be side stepped?

Remember that one in 2008 where a notable pubco boss said that Beer Monitoring Equipment could tell the difference between beer and water. Hohohohoho. Understandably no one on the Select Committee was up to speed enough to rumble that until after by which time the pubcos were off the hook for another couple of years.

Now 'Free of Tie OPTION' sounds good but the panel members know not to take anything at face value and will expose the phrase for being just that. Empty words.

It's almost as if the Top Brass of the pubcos finally believer there's nowheere left to hide behind their Emperor's New Clothes and are taking the least risky route which is to annoy the government by not appearing in public at all. If they aren't there to answer questions at the Hearings they cannot be rumbled and, hopefully, the BISC will give them the benefit of the doubt.

Watch out for low flying Recommendations targeting the tie.

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