Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Business Support : IT COULD BE YOU! Request For Tied Lessees to Submit Evidence to Select Committee Pubco Inquiry follow up 2011

Spend an hour NOW, this week, to make YOUR experience count!

Every tied lessee, even those who are completely happy with their relationship with their pubco, can submit evidence to the government's BISC inquiry follow up.

Has YOUR situation improved since 2010/2009/2004? Has your pubco changed its spots? Does your pubco support your business? Does YOUR code of practice put you in a better position? Are YOU making a living out of your tied pub business? Do you NEED your pubco at all? Do the actions of your pubco PREVENT you from being innovative, sustainable, successful and from offering your customers what they want?

You can be sure the pubcos are telling government it's NEVER BEEN BETTER! Tied tenants are all happy with what the pubcos have done to improve their business with lessees since they were warned that if they do not change, they would be forced to. Have pubcos changed? Does this reflect YOUR experience? No? Then tell the government!

Tell the Select Committee about YOU:

Has your pubco told you about their new Codes of Practice?
Has the new Code of Practice changed anything for you?
Do you have an option on your AWP tie?
Has your pubco levied fines against Brulines data?
Has your pubco accused you of buying out without evidence?
How does your pubco respond to your concerns?
Has your pubco told you about new complaints procedures?
Or an independent disputes mechanism?
Have you had a rent review in the last two years?
Are you in the process of having your rent reviewed?
Does the rent review reflect anything of your business reality?
Do you have a fair relationship with your pubco?

What to do BEFORE next Monday 20 June:

Write down your story. Your letter should be structured as follows, but feel free to say it in your own words:
1. An introduction, outlining who you are, who your pubco or brewer is and where your pub is/was.
2. The 'body' of your letter will contain your version of pubco treatment, behavior, abuse, intimidation (or support if you want to praise them!).
3. You may want to conclude that you would like to compete in a fair market place – it’s entirely up you

Send it to: BISC

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