Saturday, June 25, 2011

Anna Francis Bio Regional 24.06.2011

Dear Anna

Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you - my life is nuts at the moment.How did the meeting go? I couldn't make it unfortunately, it was my preferred meeting of the night but had to be at a meet about an evangelical church whose planning permission to change use on a 2000 seat venue in Camberwell wer'e trying to stop. It's really important they don't get it. We NEED a community hub desperately. We also need to raise £4million to buy it etc. You know the stuff.

Thanks for the connection to Richard Snow, I'll get in touch. I'm putting a bid together for UnLtd's Big Venture Challenge to be in next Thursday. The bid is for scoping up the business plan for a three month period - time to research the networks necessary to make the business actually able to expand rapidly and sustainably from start up. Whatever happens with that some aspect of the internships' time and attention could undoubtedly be of great value - your suggestions are excellent, we can take that up in greater detail closer to their appointment.

Thanks for the farm press release, I'll send something out through the Sun and Doves' maillist, perhaps it will attract interest from more individuals. Sorry but I'm struggling with who Conrad is? Remind me. By the way, you SHOULD be obsessed about the farm proposition, it's a great idea.

IN response to: Hi Mark,

Good to chat on Monday - the People's Pub idea is really exciting and I'd be up for helping in any way. The person I've mainly been dealing with at Plunkett is Richard Snow: - they're really excellent and can provide support on legal structures etc. I'm sure they'd be keen on PP too. We've also got three interns potentially starting in the next few months and I'd be happy to get them to start doing some background research (e.g. case studies of low carbon retrofit, community pub structures or anything else) if that would be useful?

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