Saturday, May 14, 2011

RBS 'poised to sell 900 pubs'

Clearly Sapient, and RBS, will be better off selling to the individuals who run the pubs already - the people who know how to run the gaff. And if RBS are canny enough they will set up a lending vehicle just for these 900 properties. That way they'd get back some of the money they burned the instant they bought the estate from S&N in 2000. West Register indeed. Gone way west more like.

OH? Come on Martin get with the programme. They are run down because there's been no profit to invest in the buildings - as with all the other tied estates. The buildings were mostly in a shocking state when RBS bought them and S&N have never done anything about upkeep and maintenance - because, just like all the other numpties in the tied pub business they are not operators they are leaches. The pubs are MASSIVELY over valued and the sitting tenant will give the best price.

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