Sunday, May 08, 2011

The garden was pretty full, the weather was kind. The meeting was well attended.

Dagmar was in the audience which made me feel proud.

There was a picket outside, which worried me considerably, they were handing out leaflets to people as they arrived and telling them that the new school was being set up as a private business that would make profits out of education. It is privatisation by

We decided to let the protestors in because we aren't afraid to give account for what we are doing in setting up a new school.

The steering group gave a good account of themselves and what we want to achieve with a new school in an area where there patently is a shortage of spaces for kids rising to secondary school age.

The Q&A session was cut short because some fairly belligerent anti free school people were hogging the questions and parents weren't getting a chance to have their queries answered.

One couple left with the woman holding back tears, asying she couldn't understand why people have to be so aggressive when parents are just concerned about trying to find out more... for their children. At least three teachers from different secondary schools came to the meeting with the thought of applying for jobs.

After the formal session there was a lot more convivial chat standing around where people were able to ask steering group members questions one to one. It went on for about an hour.

The people picketing outside appear to know a lot more about dogma and much less about the education set up than I do now which I find worrying - they seemed to be making scary stuff up about lots of it and were lying about how this particular new school will be run and managed when it gets off the ground.

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