Tuesday, April 12, 2011

RE: M&B rolls out Crown Carvery breakfast buffet

£2.99 for breakfast. It makes me sick. Seriously, now pubcos are undercutting greasy spoons with their food 'offering' what do they expect from their lessees?

Corporations in this country seemingly inexorably devalue everything by piling it high and flogging it cheap to get volume. The bigger, the higher and cheaper and the more of it they can shift, the better. Industrial catering diminishes VALUE and creates a market where the majority of customers never get to experience decent quality food made in venues where carefully sourced high quality produce is the aim because their expectations are set so low by the fodder they're encouraged to shovel into their guts in prefab barn and carvery factories invented by visionless suits in boardrooms who'd not eat in their horrid catering creations unless their lives depended on it.

They have no concept of what really contitutes good value.

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