Thursday, April 07, 2011

Publican awards celebrate trade’s finest

This industry may, one day in some imagined distant future, see an awards ceremony that is an accurate reflection of the whole spread of the industry instead of the tedious perennial internal back slapping that goes on traditionally in what is a bloated out of touch backwater of contemporary commerce.

Until that halcyon future comes consider Marston's, Fullers et als' basic skills manifest at pubs such as the Black Swan in Belford, Northumberland, that have seen as many as eight lessees fail in as many years; and the thousands of other pubs like this; Lacking investment for decades, without a hint of any flair or entrepreneurial vision being applied to their outlook at any level, they fail again and again in places where, if run even half decently, they would remain as thriving businesses instead of depressed customer-repellent boozers that are the scars of a failing industry...

An industry failure as evidenced by the collapse of the Publican, itself another bit of collateral damage along with thousands of already closed pubs littered across the British landscape.

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