Friday, April 01, 2011

J Mark Dodds
to Binki

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So, I have your number in my infallible iPhone crapheap which is linked immutably to gmail contacts and both update each other by the minute throughout the day and night. BUT your number is NOT in gmail contacts because, well, because, it doesn't work properly. Why does this happen? I eradicate duplicate and triplicate contacts that pop up for no apparent reason sometimes, like every week, and then they come back again, in different order, lurking in the book. This doesn't happen to ALL my contacts, maybe to 2% of them, for no apparent reason. It happens to new contacts, ancient contacts and contacts I've had for two years but not to all. According to the laws of physics this is impossible but NOT according to the law of Steve Jobs. Sometimes exactly the same, triplicated, entry is dispersed between and separated by ten or more other contacts in the same alphabetical range - the next time I open my address 'book' they are grouped together - as they should be - taking up half the screen on my phone saying: 'your address book is fucked'. I know this happens to other people because they have told me. It does not happen to everyone. Why does this happen? No one knows.

Anyway. Here's my email address... good to hear you just now.



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