Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tied pubs provide good opportunities

UTTER, total Baloney from David Elliot as usual. What else could one expect from the man who presided over Greene King's leased division for half his life? Shoring up the lie that the tie is benevolent and that pubs are failing because of the incompetence of their lessees.

The problem with pubco lackeys is they cannot ever admit bare reality because if they did, their whole existence would have to be recognised for what it is: A massive scam that has irretrievably damaged a significant part of Britain's heritage and tradition... there is a name for this; it's known as 'Wilful Denial'.

In that post above that got removed I suggested that David should (of course he never would) put his money and mouth where his pontification is and go and buy a lease on a tied pub and prove to everyone that the tied system he presides over actually works.

There are many reasons why he'll never do it but the main reason is he'll lose his shirt, his life savings and his dignity just as thousands of tenants have done in the last twenty years. It does NOT work David, it doesn't work.

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