Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pubcos codes of practice need to be given the mass spectrometer treatment.

1) Place COP (of any pubco) into meaninglessbullshit vapourisation chamber.

2) Apply extreme heat from all sides - via RICS, ALMR, CAMRA, FP, JFL, LVA, FSB, IPC, TISC, BISC, BESC. Oh; BII etc and observe as all hyperbole and guff becomes gasified...

3) Capture Pointless Hot Air emanating from chamber; measure level of supreme vacuum left behind.

4) Analyse Pointless Hot Air and report findings to Trade and National Press.

5) Stand back waiting for earthshaking response.

6) Note any nearby paint drying as nothing happens.

7) Marvel at the stupudidty of it all.

There will be no change by June.

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