Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The BARREL DREGS: What's Really STILL Going on in the Tied Sector.

We just keep going round in circles with this interminable drivel about what is happening to pubs and why are they closing in droves all over Britain. It is the TIE. I KNOW, as do all of the readers out there, that tied pubs are paying much more rent than they are worth and DOUBLE for the beer they sell and therefore they are doomed. Customers cannot afford the prices they have to charge. Read this:

It's a typical example of the irrational, unsustainable behaviour of the various corporations who lease pubs to thousands of 'tied' lessees across the UK and how they behave toward the people who make their fortunes. It is a national disgrace and a national scandal that is almost completely unrecognised outside the pub industry.

Then watch this Inside Out programme from November 2009. It's a very well put together assessment of the tied pub sector in very accessible form.

Scroll down the the bottom of the link page, it's the third video box with the head of a pint showing. Shankha, the journalist covering the article really got what is happening in the tied pub sector. IN the end it's a fascinating piece of good journalism swamped in a sea of celebrity this and stars in their eyes that and just gets buried at the bottom of an archive page. What it describes is the dreadful psychotic behaviour of big corporations who have ruined a significant part of Britain's heritage and tradition. It's a national disgrace.

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