Thursday, July 01, 2010

Spit Roast Looming for 'Enterprise' and 'Punch'?

The other thing is this: This article IS a bit of fun but it is also real and thanks to MA for letting it go; it IS genuine, we bought the pigs, they are being looked after in good surroundings by good people who care for them properly. We plan to use them to their fullest potential which includes getting people, that's real people, who have jobs, families, children, responsibilities and busy lives who watch television and read Sunday supplements and also go to the pub and want to be interested in life, involved in the process of knowing what happens to animals they are going to eat, right from the start of those animals' lives.

Touching on the lives of animals we're going to consume is a very good thing I think. Last year we bought some pork from the people who are growing the pigs now and all of it was WONDERFUL. Not your normal pork at all. They suggested we might be interested in them taking on some pigs on our behalf and, after those glorious chops, roasts and rillettes made from last year's oinkers, how could we refuse?

Thanks very much to all you other posters for the well reasoned support:

1) for the idea of bringing in the bacon literally (the Eagle Ale House in Battersea has done this already)

2) for the Fair Pint Campaign, even those of you who don't agree fully with our position.

It means a lot.

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