Tuesday, July 27, 2010

S&NPC gains BIIBAS accreditation

I like the timing of this. I thought Willie Crawshay was on holiday because he's not responding to my emails. Obviously too tied up with setting out glowing words for his press release on accreditation of a meaningless code of practice none of his company's employees can demonstrate much evidence of intention of adopting or even of understanding.

Incidentally, when it comes to my 'blogging' as one S&NPC employee has it, I'm encouraged not to do it, 'it's not helpful' is how it was put I think.

Well, in my very limited view, it's not 'helpful' when a landlord tries to double your rent every five years - and it costs tens of thousands fighting it - is one little teensy weensy observation I could make. As a starter. Better keep such thoughts to myself really eh?

Seems to me like codes of practice look good on a website as a download but don't fit anywhere on the ground.

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