Thursday, May 06, 2010

Batemans slams beer-flow kit

Good that they have dismissed Brulines (that is who they are referring to isn't it?) as pointless. Shame they are just using the comment as way of making the Bateman approach to leases appear benign and cuddly.

They ought to have gone further in comprehensively trashing beer flow monitoring equipment by saying it's an utterly pointless cellar policeman because it is not capable of doing the job it's supposed to. It cannot tell the difference between gas, water or beer, it is an inaccurate blunt instrument with no legal standing whatsoever. It costs the pubco a lot to have it installed, its data will not stand Weights and Measures or legal scrutiny, it can't be used for stock taking purposes so what hell can it really be used for except to piss off people you're supposed to have a working relationship with?

Watering the hanging baskets?

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