Thursday, April 01, 2010

Pub trade must unite to respond to attacks
Pub trade must unite to respond to attacks

The main most consistent financial threat and attack on pubs has been by pubcos on their tenants. Pubcos have simply hidden behind all the other real threats that have hit the trade quietly going about their business of asset stripping the nation of its heritage and tradition. They have been able to do this, largely unnoticed and with complete impunity because there is no single and entirely credible trade body to represent the interests of the trade generally. How could that be? The trade is carved up between so many different major business interests it's not possible for one body to represent the thousands of individual businesses which make up the majority of the trade.

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David Pott 01/04/2010 22:36:40

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Pub trade must unite to respond to attacks

The most consistent threat to the pub trade in recent years has been the labour government.

Coincidence perhaps that pubcos as we now know them appeared at about the same time labour came to power.

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Not quite David. Pubcos are the result of inept political intervention in the pub market and the germination of the pubco seed was squarely begun in a Tory hothouse... Continuing political ineptness has been sustained by Labour but all of the political travesties that have been heaped upon this industry result from the industry itself not being fit for purpose in the 20th or this century. The industry has never represented the whole of itself adequately to government because many different parts of the industry always protect their own Feifdoms. If one bit is under attack the other will not stick up for it. The Beer Orders were meant to end the travesty but instead they distilled and concentrated the worst traits of the past into thrusting shiny bright modern ventures called pubcos who have behaved like foxes in a chicken shed full of battery hens.

You could say the most consistent threat to the pub trade throughout history has been government but it is worth understanding why this is before laying all the problems at the feet of any particular administration. The saying 'you get the government you deserve' applies perfectly to the pub trade.

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