Sunday, April 18, 2010

GMB and BBPA clash over tenant income and debt

You often point out that life is not black and white Bob but when it suits use black and white as your benchmark for making judgments. "You see because there cannot be a half way house here. You either deplore and condemn all bad practice or you lose the moral high ground."

Where exactly is the moral high ground when it comes to the beer tie Bob? Moral high ground does not exist anywhere practically it only occupies the mind and intellect.

The tie, IF implemented morally, could be a benign, possibly even dynamic force at work in the pub industry. Is is not. You know this very well, I am not teaching you to suck eggs Bob.

When the implementation of bad practice is supported by the weight of law, as it is with the beer tie, that support does not make the bad practice one bit right. How people stand up to bad practice when it is supported by law is their business. Ideally they ought to stand on high ground but if they are sinking other measures must be employed.

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