Sunday, April 04, 2010

Blears leads pub buyout… and could pull pints

The serious underlying story here is about some aspects of what is heppening to our society at large.

As pubs and other important local community facilities such as corner shops, chippies and post offices close more frequently up and down the UK people are becoming more interested in having some say in the future of what they have begun to regard as being their own local cultural assets.

Given that pubs are a very important part of the local mix right across the country and that so many of them have been closing, with increasing frequency, what pubs really mean to people has become an unavoidable part of our cultural conversation. The future of pubs has become an increasingly common discussion point and communities who feel they suffer at the hands of big business culture are beginning to say 'we have had enough' and to look at ways of redressing the imbalance.

Buying their local pub is one step in the direction of taking back some control ove lives that seem dominated by global forces rather than what really is important to local and immediate needs...

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