Wednesday, April 14, 2010

BBPA welcomes parties' policies to help pubs

Funny isn't it 'James' that 'around' six in ten people are just plain WRONG. 'People' are extremely ill informed about pubs; see most politicians' views as evidence.

You keep coming out with blatant nonsense about pubs to support the impossible thesis you have that there's nothing wrong with the tie.

You always imply there's nothing different in the world of pubs compared with other retail sectors. You're always suggesting that tied pubs are no worse off than any other retailers and that everyone is suffering the recession just as badly, if not worse, than pubs. Poppycock. No one else pays DOUBLE for their supplies the way tied pubs do. No one else has all their profit taken away as rent by the freeholder.

Who are you by the way 'pieman'?

By the way 'James'. If you DO work for BBPA perhaps you'd like to tell all us fine upstanding publicans you purport to represent in your rosy specs way how much money you take home from your salary. You know, what is the loose change in you back pocket after all reasonable expenses have been paid?

Was looking at Companies' House Report and Accounts for Company No 01182734. Interesting reading. This company's salary costs inc NI for 2009 were £1,145,228.00 that's an average salary of £60,275.00 for each of the recorded salaried staff of 19.

Plenty of spendable for buying a few rounds down the local eh 'James'?

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