Tuesday, April 13, 2010

BBPA: pub tenants debt level not so bad

James Thursk, as I have pointed out before, like the informer, you are a pieman. You are trying to pose as Mark Hastings but are likely to be someone else. Whatever you are a pieman.

Piemen post anonymously and present themselves as being objective about information and evidence presented to the trade which points to its being seriously badly operated by the dominant players in the market i.e. pubcos. These 'devil's advocates' as they like to present themselves rarely comment on any thread where validity of the tie is not in the forefront or in question somewhere in the background. They are neither objective nor advocates of anything less than promoting any argument possible, no matter how disingenuous, which shores up the status quo which gives pubcos legal mandate through the tie to simply rip tenants off rotten for ever and to get away with it with impunity.

They share a familiar disdain, a sniffy, looking down their nose, attitude, toward publicans in general and specifically tied lessees who contribute here and show no respect toward the people who actually run the pub trade, those who pull the pints, put their necks on the line and serve the nation's punters and then accuse flat broke, indebted living on the edge of poverty, lessee publicans of having no respect for traders and others who aren't in the pub business but also going through hard times.

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