Friday, March 19, 2010

Staff taking the proverbial....

First of all don't let this get you down. You can change it. It will take some clear headed thought and hard work to get done but will be worth the effort. And you will sleep better at the end of it.

You should have a clear set of expectations and rules about behaviour laid out in your job descriptions. There should be a clearly laid out disciplinary procedure in place alongside these.

Implement these, make sure all your staff have a copy and get them to sign that they have read and understood all of it.

Explain that the business is not performing well enough and that each and everyone must pay attention to being professional, focused and sales and profit oriented. They must ALL work hard to raise standards all round, this is critical to the business's survival and you expect to see improvements in figures quickly and in income soon after.

If you know stock is slipping tell them - all at the same time if possible, one by one otherwise but make sure ALL your staff know what is going on - you will find allies in those who are worth their salt and resistance from those who are not.

Treat everyone equally, watch them all. Sit on top of them all of the time. Task them with specific work and be very clear about the results you need. If they let down at any point give a verbal warning. Make a note of the time, date etc and put on file.

Be there at shift start times. A minute late? Give a warning. Put it on file.

A drink behind the bar not accounted for? Give a warning. Put it on file.

Drinking behind the bar and not washing hands immediately after? Give a warning.

Each time you give a warning explain clearly why you have done so. Be very clear that if this breach happens again another warning will be given. And that it will then turn to written warning and so on.

If someone's language and demeanor is not appropriate tell them. Explain why it is not appropriate. Tell them you will not tolerate such language/demeanor; it is not acceptable and you will give them a verbal warning if they do not respond to your reasonable requests to moderate.

And so on. Be determined and cordial. Be businesslike and work really hard at being reasonable but demanding of their performance all the time.

In three weeks you will have this sorted.

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