Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ahem. It''s pretty clear now that the people who said Fair Pint are a bunch of misguided extremists who don't understand the industry they operate in who would be better to spend their time concentrating on their business instead of sitting at computers blaming 'everyone else' for their problems were. Well. They were wrong.

Now the pubcos could do with getting of their fat complacent well paid lardy arses and learn to DO something about the 'business model' that has gone a long way towards RUINING this nation's heritage. Oh sorry you can't can you. Bye bye pubcos.

Over to you John Grogan, Robert Humphreys, Brigid Simmonds, Mark Hastings, Martin Rawlings et al the pubco henches.

You know if you keep hitting people who are powerless, eventually they might come right back and give you a good seeing to.

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