Friday, February 26, 2010

RE: Charles Wells' hosts say business support is improving

This sort of news will be coming thick and fast in the coming weeks as pubcos squeeze every last drop out of their strategy shift to try and prove the impossible - that the tie works and is working. The PR effort is all designed to take attention away from what is happening to Punch and Enterprise. Watch out - their names and their CEOs will not be dominating the press as they always have up to now. They want, need, to keep a low profile because it's all bad news from their direction that tars the whole industry with the same brush.

Of course the Charles Wells, Greene Kings, Marstons et al of the pubco genres all hate the fact that they have been tainted by the stink from the big two but they've never tried to break ranks, understanding that there's strength in numbers and, besides, there's a lot of easy peasy moolah out there if they can all keep the pretence and the BUNCE of the tie in house.

Notice how many of the reports bursting with positive juicy niceness about cuddly bear pubco behaviour will be generated by surveys commissioned by- ahem, yes, that's right - the pubcos themselves.

Do NOT forget dear readers the survey carried out independently by the BISC a mere blink of the memory away last year. Tied lessees are NOT happy are NOT doing well in their relationships with their pubcos. All the glowing bumpf that will come out soon will be evidence of desperate lessees on their uppers being thrown scraps by the pubcos on short term concessionary rents and discounts which will all be repayable, with usurer rates of interest, sometime down the line.

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