Monday, February 08, 2010

RE: Analyst: CAMRA's beer tie fight is illogical

As an analyst in this instance - and in all his other utterances about the pub industry - Douglas Jack is aptly named because from what he pontificates about pubs he makes it blindingly clear that he knows Jack **** about pubs or the pub market in the UK.

Like some other analysts, he's got the pubco shilling in his pocket. By that I mean he reads the tea leaves according to Tuppen.

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Brian Jacobs 08/02/2010 11:38:55

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RE: Analyst: CAMRA's beer tie fight is illogical

Higher purchasing power that is passed on to the tenants. Whose cup has Douglas been drinking out of? The major cause of all the problems is that the benefits of the higher purchasing power are NOT PASSED ON TO THE TENANTS!!!! Douglas has gone off his trolley if he believes that the tenants get any benefit. After months of examination by the T&ISC and the BERR they concluded that the tied tenant was not allowed by the pubcos to be in the same position than if they were free of tie. What that means, should he not understand, is that the tenants are paying a rent that is excessive and produce prices which are excessive, which mean that the price the tanant charges the consumer is excessive. But then again Douglas has always been singing the praises of the pubcos.

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