Saturday, February 13, 2010

In 2000 the rateable of my pub went up from 24K to 85K. Along with a rent review the same year from 32K to 75K - we 'settled' on 54K in 2001 - that 40K sudden increase in fixed costs in one year almost put me out of business. After a long appeal process the rateable value dropped from 85K to 54K - they used the rent as the stand point. In 2005 the rateable value increased to 68K - which reduced to 65K on appeal - and the pubco demanded a rent rise from 54K to 86.5K (they argued for more during arbitration). Now the rateable value for 2010 has been assessed at 74K.

In dealing with all this as a sole trader, small business, single licensee you find yourself completely isolated at the mercy of 'expert' advisors you don't know from Adam who frankly, almost to a man, have a mortgage a family and a second home to think about before considering your needs. Unless you have real BALLS, a lot of money and a stubborn, deeply patient mind you are basically effed from he outset. They are out to get you. Your money that is - and they are never around to see the consequences.

It's ALL mumbo jumbo the lot of it and if BBPA, BII, RICS and the pubcos got together to stop this flogging of the pub trade - or just ONE properly representative body had been lobbying the government effectively about pubs for the last twenty years we'd be in a very different place from where we are now.

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