Sunday, February 07, 2010

BBPA: OFT's beer tie report was robust

Sam. So what? I am a self appointed observer of reality - like you. Unlike you I have experience of the tied trade, I am representative of many tied lessees because we're all in the same boat and when it comes to the tie I know what I am talking about and you do not. You are a learner who's not been doing much homework.

So sorry I slipped up on where all the money comes from to run BBPA aka The Pubco Poodle. When I wrote "every last penny comes from companies that own pubs" I momentarily lumped in the brewers you cite with pubcos because in this instance brewers are, to all intents and purposes, silent members of BBPA.

Brewers' membership of BBPA is just window dressing to provide support to the myth that pubcos somehow have a benign presence in the market. Brewers do not substantially influence the position BBPA takes on issues affecting the trade - their message is subservient to that of the pubcos they depend on for the sale of their products. They contribute to BBPA because they have to. If they didn't they would be compromising their ongoing supply contracts to the majority of UK retail on trade outlets.

Every representative of the free side of the pub trade I have ever met has said, privately, that the tie is a significant barrier to their operation. We are living a lie which is ludicrous.

If you looked at this in more detail you wouldn't be so glib.

Unlike pubcos I have no power and I don't abuse it.

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