Thursday, January 28, 2010

Enterprise inns thread removed?

Thursday 4 February at The George Canning: Be There Or Be Square!

Seriously if it were free of tie I'd be in there like a ferret up a drainpipe and doing something a little different from what they are doing there now. i.e. that is something that actually attracts people. What's being done there now was losing freshness, even when it was really well done by people who knew what they were doing and who could cook like gods, ten years ago; now it's dull.

Something that amazes me about enterprise is how, for a sizeable company, it behaves like a spoilt public schoolboy when things don't go exactly the way it wants them to go - this is why the Canning is so interesting, Enterprise, in a small one pub focus way, has really stuck its neck out by doing what they have with on that site. It simply cannot be coincidence that the Canning was taken to be used as one of their new approaches - as a shop window on the business. But what a risk! Truth is the Case of The Canning would have just slid off the radar even had it been left boarded up until new 'lambs to the slaughter' took it on.

As it is, Enterprise has given The Case Study legs, right on one of Fair Pints' doorsteps so to speak. I just wish I had more time to spend writing up a synopsis of its ups and downs since Eugene was the landlord there for thirty years or so.

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