Thursday, December 17, 2009

Episode V: The Shareholders Strike Back

At year 1000 year of the Bar Wars calendar

The Twilek dark Jedi Veekhar discovers the Precursors in Kathol sector, and moves to take their technology and power for his own. A force of Light-side Jedi under General Halbret Dajus is dispatched to thwart him. During the battle, one of the Precursor Stargates is detonated, thereby creating a sector-wide holocaust and giving birth to the Kathol Rift with its fallout. The Precursors abandon their bodies and enter the Lifewell to save themselves. Halbret enters a stasis pod on Kathol. The bio-mechanical supercomputer Darkstryder is left to run the planet and awaken the Precursors when the disaster has passed. It never does, but instead takes over the planet.

+ 6 months

The FarStar defeats Moff Sarne and Darkstryder and uses the Kathol Stargate to travel back in time to the Clone Wars and a cataclysmic SEISMIC EVENT destroys Kathol and finally the Shareholders Strike Back.

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