Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chris, through my involvement with the Fair Pint Campaign I've got to know Greg Mulholland quite well and must say that, irrespective of any other comments on this thread, he does appear, actually, along with Tim Farron who got involved with supporting licensees at around the same time as Greg (they share an office at Parliament), to be a saint.

It might be worth pointing out that all of us who were involved with Fair Pint from the outset (mostly tied licensees) were very much sceptics about politicians and their motivations. I think I can speak for everyone involved with Fair Pint who've come across these two MPs in particular have been hugely impressed by their intelligence, their ability to take on complex issues and get their head around them in one sitting; their complete integrity and their genuine concern for the plight of others less fortunate than most; their support of the democratic process and, finally, by the amount of sheer hard work and focused energy they put into their jobs representing their home area and also far wider issues that affect all of us.

A year ago I would not have believed that I could write such praise for any MP but, I assure you, meeting these people, along with many others equally impressive (and from all parties it must be said), restores one's faith in the process of democracy.

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