Thursday, November 19, 2009

The world according to Spoilt Brat Simon. Fabulous. Always Right. Never Wrong. Blinkered. Tunnel Vision.

Open your eyes.

Look at your company figures.

Look at your profits.

Look at your churn rates Townsend.

Look at the number of TWAs.

Look at the number of pubs you've got on management contracts.

Look how many people are actually coming and investing in your 'model'.

Look at your Corporate Social Responsibility statements

Look at your 'Retail Partnership' code of practice

Reflect on how so little of it stacks up to being anything like you're really describing.

Look at those tenants ready to march

Look at those tenants ready to withould payment of rent and invoices

Look forward to 8 December.

It's not sustainable

Look forward to the Competition Commission.

Look forward to losing block exemption.

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