Tuesday, November 03, 2009

That'll the Nag's head in Camberwell, London SE5. I haven;t noticed any free of tie pubs slocing round here in the last fifteen years. And it's not selective vision. Funny that isn't it?

i.e. three pubs, all tied, three different pubcos, three months - all failed businesses. Not one of them shut forever, just three folds in the incessant churn.

The Silver Buckle: SNPE

The George Canning: Enterprise

The Nag's Head: Admiral

Although not precisely at the same time the Punch side of things has been churning healthily as well in various reincatnations of the same outlets:

The Kerfield/Blakes/Dark Horse/Le Petit Parisien

The Cambria's had three incarnations in five years

The Prince of Wales three as well I think

Father Redcap/Red Star/Red Star/Planet Nollywood

There's a few more incarnations of other tied pubs to mull over but, amazingly, I have to do some work. A management meeting beckons.

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