Sunday, November 22, 2009

Of course all previous valuations, notably those were the estates dropped in value by around? Well by around 1". Have been above board, transparent and openly assessed according to conventional market practices. These valuations can be relied upon because they have all been conducted by highly independent highly expert highly specialist highly paid pub industry surveyors following the RICS 'MUMBOJUMBO' guidelines to the letter with T's crossed I's dotted and writedowns underlined in thin pencil. 'Never Down Always Up' is the rousing motto

The RICS guidelines themselves were, of course, drawn up in highly transparent, highly open highly honourable highly hands off objective manner by highly qualified highly independent highly paid men who are either employed directly BY pubcos - like as in being rent controllers for the pubcos - or who do a lot of work for pubcos in their street wise jobs as commercial estate agents.

If RICS would like to prove their hands off and objective position it would be interesting to see a small team of RICS qualified surveyors from the United States come over here for two months to value pub estates according to practices used in north America.

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