Tuesday, October 13, 2009

J Mark Dodds: Planning for the party season

@Mark J - thanks for the contribution. Appreciated. My view is that the pubcos are guilty as charged, they have a responsibility to more than their shareholders which they don't meet.. The reason pubcos are in trouble is a LOT to do with their relaxed attitude towards the universal assertion that there is a 'low cost entry' into the pub trade which will return handsome dividends for anyone other than the pubco. A HUGE part of their problem is they think ANYONE can do it - as in ANYONE could run a pubco. What they forget is it's not a job - it's a lifestyle choice. They are all snobs and getting what they deserve for being so.

@Ken Nason; thanks for pointing out Ken - that extraordinarily broad skills are needed to keep all plates juggling and balls in the air when you're a publican. It just seemed too self indulgent to push that specific part of the reality to the front in my first attempt. I didn't want sniping about a self congratulatory tone. We're all in this together - which leads neatly on to:
@ Colin Matlock.Sure as eggs is eggs, sitting on the sidelines pontificating from on high as usual. "too many people blah blah blah" as if you know what you're talking about. Like you know anything about running a pub. GO Do it with a tie and no discounts for a few years and report back.

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