Sunday, October 04, 2009

Christopher D Robert's Libellous Instability.

C D Roberts it's your perversely myopic interpretation of life out there that makes you behave so bizarrely, your own self loathing, paranoia and mental instability that drives you to such extremes. Using Corbett as your latest incarnation is VERY clever.

Awards: There's more than this but offhand here's a few for your information: Time Out Bar of the Year Awards 1996. Evening Standard London's Top Ten Pubs 1998. Living South Best for Kids 2002 2003. The Independent, Britain's 50 Best Al Fresco Dining. Mouton Baron Phillippe Best Back Bar Award 2002. The Morning Advertiser Competition for Best Garden 2006. Most recently The Sun and Doves was shortlisted to the last 25 for the national Guinness Britain's Best Community Pub Awards which were announced a fortnight ago.

As for the public reviews, no one gets it right all the time and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if YOU made that posting on the public reviews - it's the kind of thing you do all the time - plus there's quite a few really good reviews out there you choose to ignore as well.

You post on public forums because anyone who contributed to the forum you set up with your dysfunctional partner - you almost immediately banned for showing even a hint of objectivity.

You always post under a different name because you are serially blocked here and on Publican by the administrators. Why do you think that is? Because you speak truthfully? Or because you are so offensive and many of your comments are libellous?

Your annoyance here today is likely because you are sammy bailey? How DID you get her to allow you to use the facebook account or did you set that indentity up in anticipation of being repeatedly removed in your other multiple personality guises?

How about telling everyone here the crazy curly wurly cuckpoo text message you sent Steve Corbett yesterday?

I've told you before, you have invented all your accusations about me and other FP members and your lies are libellous. Get off it.

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