Tuesday, October 27, 2009

BBPA: get on board with new pub code

Good to read you Bob and about time too.

Although difficult to imagine, and I'm sure you're aware of this, pubcos are now more ruthless than ever. As with Inez through JFL, the stories that I hear through Fair Pint of of abuses by pubco employees toward tied lessees are completely shocking. There is no let up in pubcos' appalling treatment of individuals, no material improvement whatsoever. Irrespective of any detail of the rights and wrongs of any individual cases, the absolute ruthlessness used by pubcos is graphic evidence of where pubcos really come from and there is NO PLACE in comtemporary society for the sort of typical standards of behaviour these companies have adopted, shared, refined and distributed throughout the pubco edifice. Pubco senior executives know their practices are designed to abuse people, they encourage and instill the practice in their employees across their estates. They are guilty of abuses of human rights and should be treated accordingly.

The sham of the BBPA, new codes of practice, all that touchy feely stuff is just mutton dressed up as lamb; well, actually, the wolf in sheepskin.

Tied lessees are base commodities - expendable raw material which cost pubcos nothing - the casual disdain senior pubco employees exhibit when dismissing criticism levelled against their companies shows the top end of a column of routine, endemic and totally unacceptable business behaviour they consistently get away with because there is not enough resources available against them to expose them for what they are. They know this, they use it to their advantage, they fight dirty and always win. The OFT report is graphic evidence of this.

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