Friday, September 18, 2009

Wi-fi deal for Punch tenants

It's always a numbers game this pubco lark isn't it? I've been giving customers free wifi for so long I can't remember when I started doing it. About five years or so. It cost me £100 to set up and costs less than £20 a month unlimited up and download.

Here a pubco employee, as usual, makes a humdrum a initiative on the part of his paymaster try to seem like a fantastic leg up they're giving their lessees. IF Punch really were innovative and thinking of lessees first they would have been pushing this along three or four years ago - before the smoking ban.

'What will Punch's slice of the deal be?' - one is forced to wonder when £70K expenditure has already been signed up to by a few tenants. Just think if 4000 of the estate take them up on it. A couple of mill in the pot for Cloud and Punch to share.

Anyhow - as I'm way below the average tenant, according to my pubco - it must have been some severe mental aberration that inspired me to do something in my pub five years ahead of the thrusting, with it, go ahead pubco.


Sorry. Just realised. I appear to have misread £50 for £500 above - unless it was a typo that got changed after I saw it. I take back all I implied above IF it's £50 for installation - and IF it's £50 for installation - it's a total bargain to get a wifi connection up and running without personal hassle for that kind of outlay and anyone would be crazy not to take Punch up on the offer. Genuine Well Done to Punch for once, even if they could be doing more on the ground - apart from selling freeholds to tenants.

AND they still should have done it years ago. But whatever - late is better than never and the other boys on the block might even be embarrassed into following suit.

As others have pointed out, the follow on costs aren't mentioned. If the monthly fees are anything in the region of £20 - £30 for a secure service then GO FOR IT! It can only do good for business.

Wifi in a dim and stinky, sticky floored boozer with tiny round red table tops might seem a little bit of a post modern existentialist joke though. Give them some money to invest in the fabric of their businesses, Punch, and you'd get more back from the wifi experience.

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